Heather Fenn

Heather, with her beautiful team of horses, cater especially for those who can ride and are looking for something more than the usual riding-school trail ride. She can turn that holiday riding experience into a memory to last a lifetime. See the legendary Bay, the easterly most point of Australia, from horseback while prancing over the rolling hills of the Byron Hinterland. Ride quality, well trained horses with an experienced, dedicated fun-loving horsewoman. 


Riding with Heather Fenn was a great experience that I still tell people about back home. The setting is beautiful and impressiv. Especially the connection between Heather and her horses created a really familiar atmosphere, you can tell that she knows the character of every single one! Additionally I can say that I always felt safe and had a lot of fun being accompanied by such a good teacher!
Thanks for the good times!
- Sophia v. Petersdorff , 20 y-o, nothern Germany

Thank you so much for our riding lesson yesterday, it was perfect! I really enjoyed getting to know Phillip before we rode and seeing so much of the beautiful scenery from horseback, it was far more than the usual trail-riding experience. We will definitely come riding with you again.
Thanks, Stu and Penny

I used to be a nervous rider having experienced only the usual riding school caper. Since riding with Heather, I have become a confident capable horsewoman. All the horses are impeccably trained, safe and able to respond to the needs of any level of rider. I would not hesitate to give my absolute recommendation for anyone who wishes to pursue an interest in horse riding and husbandry. 

Jane Fulford (UK)

I think you are a fine horsewoman and an admirable teacher. Most of all I would like to thank you for giving me the best gift and tool I have ever received - how to ride with grace, and how to collaborate with such magnificent creatures. Some of the best times of my life have been up in those hills with you and the horses.

Poppy Sibthorpe (New Zealand)

Why me?

Classically trained in the UK and Germany, Heather has been working and teaching professionally with horses for 35 years. Her journey has taken her through racing, dressage, showjumping, and eventing, to her study of wild horses and the more holistic, natural approach to horse welfare. She will personally stage-manage your riding experience.